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WCM is a modular web platform designed for academic realities to enhance scientific projects in the field of Digital Humanities.
Through its different modules, WCM ensures innovative management of different documentary entities, from historical archives to relational databases, also allowing targeted digitisation of dictionaries, glossaries and linguistic corpora.
WCM provides users with markup platforms and implements search engines.


About the Platform

To complete the academic publishing services offered by the other three management software implemented by Progettinrete (Booksflow, UJPS and Pressflow), WCM ensures digitisation services, advanced control and mark-up processes of several research outputs (dictionaries, glossaries, archival collections, corpora), to support both national and international research projects and consortia.

Through WCM it is also possible

  • to manage website contents,
  • to associate e-Commerce features,
  • to implement search engines and
  • to monitor statistics for the impact measurement.

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Users and Services

If you are a...

...and you want more information or technical consultancy on

Enhancement of research outcomes
Digitisation of libraries and documentary collections
Confection of dictionaries, glossaries and linguistic corpora
Modelling of relational databases
Structuring of advanced search engines

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Scientific Outputs

WCM is an advanced modular platform suitable for representing, shaping and disseminating various research outputs and tools. A combined enhancement of several products is possible for projects and customers interested in global and integrated solutions.

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WCM Digital Humanities

Through WCM it is possible to create and develop new solutions for a customised enhancement of scientific outputs in Digital Humanities, applied to the fields of linguistics, literature, philology and legal studies. WCM modules cover several stages of the life cycle of scientific projects, allowing a combined integration of multiple solutions for effective and widespread dissemination.

How it works

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WCM Learned Society

Thanks to WCM it is possible to implement additional modules to manage parallel and complementary activities of the scientific planning. Through the Scholarly Publishing plugin, it is also possible to manage and enhance monographs and journals, with the additional features of e-Commerce and subscription system control.

Scholarly Publishing Plugin

WCM Learned Society


Accademia della Crusca
Accademia dei Georgofili
DILEF – Dipartimento di Lettere e Filosofia
Pisa University Press
Firenze University Press
University Press Italianea

If you are part of a research group, University Press or a university department, and you are interested in choosing WCM for your scientific projects, please contact us.